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Our Mission

To further expose the plight of abused children in our community by promoting awareness in our neighbors, family, and friends, encouraging their generosity and inspiring them to become involved. To break the cycle of child abuse by promoting and supporting those agencies who provide valuable aid, refuge, and hope to these innocent children.

A Few of our Beneficiaries

Genesis Women's Shelter, Rainbow Room - Dallas, Children's Medical Center, Ready Start, Collin County Children's Advocacy Center
The Samaritan Inn,
St. Yared Orphanage in Axum, Ethiopia
Hope's Door,


Personal Note

Starting Love Life Foundation back in 1992 was, I suppose, one of the most selfish acts we have ever committed. I say that because, from day one, this foundation has continually given us the opportunity to affect a real difference in many lives. And that makes us feel very good.
Love Life Foundation was commissioned first and foremost to make people aware of the tragedies inflicted upon children, and then to identify and support the agencies that bring relief and comfort to those young victims and their families.
Our hope is that everyone will become involved in a charitable organization and experience, as we have, the real job in giving. Giving of your time, talent, and finances.
We have developed many lifelong friendships through this foundation. Thanks to all of you who have made us look so good. We are humbled by it to say, "it has never been because of us, it has always been because of you"...
Love life,

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